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STS Prepayment Energy Meter

STS Prepayment Energy Meter

STS Prepayment Energy Meter1.Product DescriptionDS1000 is a good representative of our STS Prepayment Energy Meter Series2.Product Parameter (Specification)ElectricalDataNetwork1phase 2wiresInternational StandardIEC 62053-21/IEC 62053-24IEC 62056-21/46/53/61/62IEC 62055-31/EN 50470Accuracy ClasskWh:......

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Product Description

STS Prepayment Energy Meter

1.Product Description

DS1000 is a good representative of our STS Prepayment Energy Meter Series

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Network1phase 2wires
International StandardIEC 62053-21/IEC 62053-24IEC 62056-21/46/53/61/62IEC 62055-31/EN 50470
Accuracy ClasskWh: Class 1.0kvarh: Class 1.0
Operating Voltage110-120, 220-240V AC , L-N
Operating Voltage70% - 120% Un
Basic Current Ib5A/10A
Maximum Current Imax60A/80A/100A
Starting Current0.4%/0.2% Ib
Reference Frequency50/60Hz +/- 5%
Power ConsumptionVoltage circuit <1W, <2.5VACurrent circuit < 0.25VA
Temperature Operation: -40º to + 55º CStorage: -40º to + 85º C
CommunicationOptical, RS485
EnclosureIP54 IEC 60529
Tariff StructureNumber
Time-of-Use (TOU) Register8
Maximum Demand (MD)4
Switching Times48
Change of Season Days12
Exclusion Days32
End of Billing Dates12
Daylight Saving30

3.Product Feature


DS1000 is built with an IEC 62056-21 compliant optical communications and serial communications. 

It has an embedded communication module with standard UArt port, for RF, PLC and others, enabling AMR/AMI application and implementation.


DS1000 includes all the high functionality: four-quadrant metering; active, reactive, and apparent energy and demand measurements; standard event logs and time-of-use metering; and non-volatile memory for both billed and non-billed interval data

Load Management:

DS1000 has the internal contactor that can be disconnected locally or remotely by the Utility. 

It can be driven directly or driven by the meter at load limiting thresholds, credit expiry or defined events occurrence. Its contactor is compliant to UC 3 according to IEC 62055-31 Annex C.

User Friendly:

DS1000 can be configured by the customer to display English characters or OBIS identification codes. 

An optional battery can support the display during power outages. It also provides a full series of short code for presentation of different data value contained in meter.

4.Product Details

STS prepayment Energy Meter is a type of energy meter that based on universally recognized STS standard.

Normally, there will be a numerical Keypad on the meter body or on a separate unit called CIU (Client Interface Unit) for the client to punch in a series of 20 digits code to charge their own meter.

What is the advantage of STS prepayment Energy Meter?

First of all, it will fundamentally improve the financial status of the utilities, as the client will pay electricity before the consumption.

Secondly, All certified STS prepayment meter from different manufacturers are compatible with the STS vending system, which gives flexibility to utilities as well.

Currently,STS prepayment Energy meter is widely accepted by utilities around the world, especially utilities in Angola, Algeria, Benin, Botswana, Burkina-faso, Congo, Ghana, Liberia, Namibia, Nigeria, Zambia.

Shenzhen Donsun Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional meter manufacturer in China specializing in STS prepayment Energy Meter.

With a mature R&D team and well-equipped production facilities, we are devoted to provide innovational but reliable, high quality metering solutions to customers to improve their revenue collection and end user satisfaction.

5.Product Qualification

Our STS prepayment Energy Meter is certified by universally recognized STS association based in South Africa and DLMS User Association based in Switzerland.

6.Enterprise Demonstration

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