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5G Signal Jammer Principle


The principle of a 5G Signal Jammer is an electronic device that emits or forwards electronic interference signals, used to disrupt or deceive enemy electronic devices, reducing their effectiveness or even rendering them ineffective.

Jamming machines are divided into: jamming machines that suppress enemy electronic devices by emitting pure clutter or clutter modulated signals, causing communication signals to blur and interrupt, or causing radar target echoes to be obscured and lose the ability to detect signals. Jamming machines that receive enemy signals, process and forward them appropriately, and use false signals to deceive, confuse, and disrupt the normal operation of enemy electronic devices, as well as comprehensive jamming machines that combine the above two functions.

Jammers can be configured on the ground, vehicles, ships, aircraft, and missiles. According to usage, it can be divided into multiple use and single use (throw type) jammers. The working frequency band of the jammer has expanded from centimeter wave and millimeter wave to infrared and laser frequency bands, and is developing towards improving transmission power, creating effective interference styles, using computer adaptive control and phased array technology, and so on.

The general composition and structure of the jammer. The general composition structure of the jammer is shown in the figure. The radar signal passes through the receiving antenna and enters the reconnaissance receiver for amplification. After analysis, the threat radar to be interfered with is identified and the interference parameters are determined. The guidance control system controls the interference signal generator to select appropriate interference styles and frequencies, while also controlling the operation of the interference transmitter to generate high-power interference signals with noise modulation, which are radiated out through the transmitting antenna. Due to the high interference power, the transmitted signal will enter the receiver through the receiving antenna, and in severe cases, it will affect reconnaissance guidance. Therefore, it is often time sharing between interference and reconnaissance guidance, and the high-power transmitter is turned off during reconnaissance.

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