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Are electronic mosquito repellents harmful to humans?


1. The working principle of the electronic mosquito repellent is the use of acoustic resonance technology. It generates low-frequency pulsed sound waves through ultrasonic high-frequency oscillations, and emits sound waves that can interfere with mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are sensitive to this sound wave, and the mosquito’s perception system is destroyed. The role of repelling mosquitoes. Electronic mosquito repellent with qualified quality The performance of electronic mosquito repellent is stable and reliable, non-toxic, harmless and non-radiative. A living environment plagued by mosquitoes.

2. When using the electronic mosquito repellent, it can be hung on the clothes to achieve the purpose of repelling mosquitoes. There are two types of electronic mosquito repellent on the market, sound and silent. The electronic mosquito repellent with sound will make a continuous beeping sound. If it is placed near the ear for a long time, it will easily affect the hearing. Therefore, you should choose the silent one. Electronic mosquito repellent. In addition, different types of mosquitoes have different sensitivities to certain fixed sound waves.

Third, the purchase of electronic mosquito repellent

The frequency of many substandard electronic mosquito repellents on the market is easy to exceed the standard, and the decibels are too high. Long-term use can easily cause adverse effects on hearing, especially for babies, and some inferior electronic mosquito repellents will cause radiation. Therefore, you should pay more attention when purchasing electronic mosquito repellents, and choose quality products produced by reputable manufacturers to ensure that they can be used healthily.

Choose products produced by regular manufacturers that are of high quality, chemical-free, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free. Don’t just choose low-quality "three-no products" because of cheap prices, so as to avoid bad health effects caused by inferior products. In addition, the product model, rated voltage, rated power, implementation standards, and whether there is a certification label also need to be paid attention to.

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