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How to choose a Baby High Chair?


Now it is easy to buy baby-specific high chairs on the market, with a built-in plate and a safety belt, which is more convenient for babies to use and mothers to feed. Some baby dining chairs are integrated, and some can be split into small tables and small chairs. So how to choose a Baby High Chair?

Children's dining table and chairs are for children to eat and use. Children are parents' heart and soul, and eating is the top priority. Therefore, I recommend parents to give their children a comfortable children's dining table and chairs. This is not only comfortable to drive, but also And the baby is more comfortable to use, the following are some more exquisite children's dining table and chairs, welcome to watch.

What factors need to be considered when choosing a children's dining chair?

Buying skills one: look at the shape.

For the purchase of children's dining tables and chairs, you must pay attention to whether the tabletop tray of the children's dining table is very large, and whether the supporting feet below are firm and reliable, otherwise it is not easy to fall over, and it must be stable and reliable, otherwise it is easy to turn over and easy Injure children.

Buying skills two: comfort.

For the children's dining table, choose a children's dining table with good comfort, and the children will naturally eat sweet,

If it is not comfortable enough, it will cause the child to feel uncomfortable, cry easily, and it is very likely to affect the child's appetite. This is very important. You can bring the child with you when you buy it, let the child try it, and see if he likes it.

Buying skills three: look at the material.

Generally speaking, the most common materials on the market are wood and plastic for children's dining tables and chairs.

If the material is wood, pay attention to see if there are small objects such as burrs on various parts of the wood material, so as not to scratch children. If it is plastic, pay attention to whether the plastic material is good or not. It is non-toxic plastic, and can be washed with wading water Finally, see if it will deform, non-toxic plastic will not deform.

Whether it is integrated or split, when choosing a Baby High Chair, pay attention to:

1. Choose one that is stable and has a wide base, so that the chair is not easy to tip over;

2. The edge is not sharp, if it is made of wood, there must be no burrs;

3. The depth of the seat is suitable for the baby to use, and the baby can have room to move when sitting on it;

4. If the tray and other accessories are plastic products, non-toxic plastic should be selected, and it will not be deformed after washing with hot water;

5. Equipped with safety equipment. When using a baby high chair, be sure to use safety equipment for your baby every time, including a seat belt and a strong buckle that spans the baby's thigh and passes through the legs.

The seat belt should be adjustable, and every time you adjust it, it must be firm enough. If the highchair has wheels, the wheels should be lockable. It is important to note that even if the baby is well secured, you cannot rely on these built-in safety measures. When he is in the chair, be sure to pay close attention. Don't let your baby sit in a chair for longer than a meal, as it will be difficult for him to sit unsupported for that long at first.

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