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How to make pectin gum with pectin cooking system?


Jacket stoves and tanks have three layers to prevent burns.

The first is a cooker with a jacket that cooks the ingredients. According to the recipe, the ingredients should be poured into the jacketed pot. The pectin cooking system features Teflon scraping and stirring and is equipped with high-speed shears to thoroughly melt ingredients. This is a convenient feature when making pectin gum because pectin does not dissolve well in water and forms lumps.

In general, it's good to cook at 108 degrees. Once the syrup boils, it should be transferred from the jacket cooker to a storage tank.

Before there were gear pumps, now we have lobe pumps. Lobe pumps can be adjusted by frequency conversion. It is convenient to control the transport speed of the syrup.

The main function of a storage tank is to cushion and secure the flow of sediment.

Our jelly beans machines are equipped with two in-line mixing systems, static mixing and dynamic mixing. This mixing method boils the syrup and then colors and flavors it. In this way, jellies of different colors and flavors can be produced from the same batch of raw material. This is more flexible and better for mixing flavors, colors, and other ingredients. prefer)

The static mixing system differs from other manufacturers by its 90 degree angle. Inject ingredients at a 45 degree angle to ensure a more even and stable mix of ingredients and syrup. Dynamic mixing: commonly used piston metering pumps.

Questions and answers session:

1. What is the difference between pectin and gelatin?

: Most US consumers choose pectin. Gelatin is derived primarily from animals and has a springy taste. However, gelatin cannot withstand high temperatures, so multiple jacketed cookers and storage tanks are required to melt the gelatin.

2. What are functional ingredients?

Recently popular functional rubber. Candy makers love to add vitamins, CBD, THC, and melatonin to their gummies.

3. How are center fill gummies or dual color gummies made?

Our vessel can be set up as a double vessel with two dynamic mixing systems in-line.

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