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Powernice Showcases Latest Linear Actuators at 2023 SNEC Exhibition


We are pleased to announce that Powernice has successfully participated in the SNEC Exhibition held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 24th to 26th, 2023, showcasing its latest linear actuators.

Linear actuators are an essential part of many industrial applications, providing precise and linear motion control for a wide range of machinery, including packaging, robotics, automotive, and more. Powernice's linear actuators incorporate advanced technology, delivering outstanding speed, accuracy, and reliability, suitable for widespread use in various industries.

At the SNEC show, Powernice demonstrated its latest linear motion technology and series of linear actuators, allowing visitors to learn how Powernice's products can benefit their operations, including efficiency, reduced downtime, and improved product quality.

"Powernice is committed to providing our customers with innovative and reliable automation solutions that help them stay ahead of the competition. We are delighted to showcase our linear actuators at the SNEC exhibition and demonstrate how they can help enterprises achieve their automation goals," said a Powernice spokesperson.

Powernice's successful demonstration of its products at the SNEC exhibition proves the company's commitment delivering innovative and high-quality solutions for its customers. We look forward to meeting with you again at future industry-leading exhibitions and providing you with more opportunities to experience the power of Powernice's linear actuators.

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